azienda food service

Company Profile

Since the beginning, Food Service has been leader in deep-frozen food retail, aiming at providing a set of deep-frozen pieces of food that combine both easy-to-use and genuine aspects. To reach this goal, Food Service relies on high quality raw materials, traditional production process and an highly efficient customer service.

Although Food Service is specialized in pizza dough and filled pizza slice, the company offers also a lot of different standard products and a customer-tailored service due to the use of modern and versatile pieces of machinery. Food Service can also boast a flexible production chain, a profitable rate of production and  long-lasting experienced employees. These elements have allowed Food Service to earn a remarkable position in the market as a reliable and very efficient company, a reference point for retailers, producers and wholesalers.

Our Story

Food Service products embed the old recipes of Italian tradition, preserved over decades for this company by Costantino Biribicchi, who was the first one in Italy to invent and realize the deep-frozen pizza bases, well-known everywhere for the artisanal fragrance and lightness.

Nowadays, thanks to continuous researches and technology innovations, Food Service is able to reinvent the old recipes and produce high quality and visually impacting products. Since 1978, the union between modern pieces of machinery and old recipes have still given the possibility to enjoy the true taste of tradition. A soft and fragrant pizzas, as the true artisanal tradition requires.

base per pizza al taglio

A soft and fragrant pizzas, as the true artisanal tradition requires.