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Food Service products embed the old recipes of our Italian tradition, preserved for decades by Costantino Biribicchi, who was the first in Italy to invent and realize the deep-frozen pizza base, well-known for the artisanal fragrance and lightness.
Nowadays, thanks to continuous researches and technology innovations, Food Service is able to reinvent the old recipes and produce high quality and visually impacting products.
Food Service products are thought to meet different and evolving market demands, following new fast life style and requiring practice and easy-to-use products without giving up high quality ingredients and health taste.


Food service has been the first one in Italy to invent deep-frozen pizza bases, still a one-of-a-kind mixture.

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Pizza dough

Food service has been the first one in Italy to invent deep-frozen pizza dough, still a one-of-a-kind mixture.

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A soft and fragrant pizzas, with a fine taste complying with the tradition.

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Perfect with fillings, fantastic as street food!

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Bio e Vegan

A family recipe with only natural and biological ingredients.

Our latest inventions

We use only high quality row materials


The true wood-fired oven baked pizza, with no pizza maker, in less than a minute!

No mixer, no flour, no mixture to be raised for 24 hours, no freezing period, no pizza maker!


What kind of firm are you?

Food Service has always worked with Ho.Re.Ca enterprises, providing genuine and versatile products, suitable for any culinary use. Owing to the wide range of products and different sizes of them, Food Service can meet any request in the fastest way.


Food Service products are aimed to answer regular and extraordinary demands of restaurants, with high quality ingredients and a very good taste.

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GDO and DO have always been Food Service partners, in order to answer any demands from any kind of customer.

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Food Service deep-frozen pizza dough suits perfectly to every ordinary and extraordinary necessity of pizzerias.

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Food Service wants to satisfy also young people: mini-pizzas, focacce, happy hour appetizers can be enjoyed with friends wherever you are.

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To respond to sudden requests from hotel clients, Food Service has a special line of ready-to-use deep-frozen baked products.

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Food Service baked products are entirely made with natural ingredients and following the traditional recipes and production process.

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